Pernille is a dazzling, multi-faceted storyteller who belongs to the absolute elite among storytellers in Denmark.

She masters both the hilarious and very serious sides of storytelling. Her passion is for the spoken word – and she is not afraid to use it! She creates most of her stories herself and she is a modern storyteller.

Pernille is always in the process of developing and improving herself and her stories, and is very occupied with her profession. Whether she tells or teaches you are never bored in her company. She has a great on-stage presence and creates fantastic images in your mind!
She has everything from short stories to bigger performances at her repetoire – and she can improvise for any occasion!
Pernille is hugely experienced. She has been a professional storyteller for more than ten years and therefore has told stories to tens of thousands of children and adults.
She has, over the years, time and time again, been invited to perform at numerous storytelling festivals throughout Denmark: WORDs – an international storytelling festival in Elsinore, at Nr. Vosborg, at Fanoe and Spoken Words of Odense, and many many more.

If you are interested ind getting Pernille to perform (in English of course) please don’t hesitate to contact her!